Uncertain Data Packed in Red Boxes

by Bluermutt

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Released on Audiobulb in October 2009
Cat: AB025
Artwork: Aer Studio



Wonderfully streamlined and elegant electronic compositions from Catalonian digital composer Bluermutt, whose
quiet, evocative tones and gently abstracted sound designs mark themselves out as somehow more approachable
and ear-friendly than most. Anyone who remembers the micro-glitch moments of Ensemble's Rephlex debut will
appreciate the tiny textural world this 26-year old artist opens up, from the glass-like granulations of 'Pack My Shit
And Disappear' to the Ryoji Ikeda-like fractures and ruptures of 'I Don't Like To Talk'. Tremendously lovely stuff this,
yet best of all, it never descends into syrupy droning harmonies as so many records do these days - there aren't
even any field recordings of birds! Rejoice!


Young chap from Barcelona, utilizing computerized structures to concoct 34 minutes of engagingly charming
sounds: a little pseudo-mercury here, a pinch of melodic minimalism there, gentle noises everywhere, and you're
done. No pretence of probing who knows what inscrutable universes, just a series of easily assimilated
processes that sound as surprising results of a game rather than actual compositions. I mean, typical blips and
pulses appear more or less always yet, strangely enough, they don't get me annoyed as usual. In other occasions
we would have deemed something like this as totally inadequate but a sort of candid ingenuousness is detectable
in a number of parts of this work, which sweetens the soul of a callous reviewer after all.


In Uncertain Data Packed in Red Boxes, Bluermutt, an unidentified twenty-six-year-old, Barcelona-based computer
music maker who's previously issued material on Nexsound, provides a thirty-five-minute tour through his hermetic
sound world. The seven tracks in this case are dominated by interactions between clean tones, pops, blips, and
whirrs in an equally clean, digitally-created environment. The glassy-toned, gamelan-inflected opener, “Pack My
Shit and Disappear,” is considerably more meditative and delicate in spirit than its irreverent title might suggest; an
Eastern sensibility permeates “Chain Smoking” too, when tiny electronic droplets coalesce into slow-moving,
criss-crossing patterns. Drum sounds rather inexplicably surface during “C Zamora 105.7 Pm” to give the track
added momentum but not so much that Bluermutt's affinity for glacial tempi is compromised. Other acoustic sounds
emerge too (electric guitar and clarinet, if I'm not mistaken), which in turn give the track a radically different
character from the microsound style heard elsewhere. The material isn't wholly bereft of rhythm either, as attested
to by the funk feel that gradually asserts itself during the second half of “Purple Grain.” There's an austere and
minimalistic quality to “I Don't Like to Talk” as well as some of the other pieces that suggests Bluermutt wouldn't
sound out of place as part of Raster-Noton's roster. In general, the EP could be characterized as headphones
music that, analogically, is much like organisms moving about in semi-intelligble formations in a manner that would
most clearly be seen via microscope..


released September 1, 2009




Bluermutt Rome, Italy

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